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Job Applicant Center

Browser Notes

Job Applicant Center 3.0 was written in Visual Basic.NET as an ASP.NET application. Some .NET controls are designed to render differently in different browsers, so you may experience a slightly different look and feel between different browsers

Job Applicant Center 3.0 has been tested with all major current generation browsers including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Netscape, Safari, and Konqueror. If you are using an older generation browser, you may need to upgrade to get the most out of JAC.

Specific Browser Notes:

Opera does not resize windows the same way as Netscape or Internet Explorer, so popup windows may come up as full sized windows.

Javascript implementation may vary from browser to browser, so some things which rely on javascript, such as after-field validation, calendar widgets, and so on, may not work flawlessly in all browsers. However, form submit level validation will always occur regardless of browser.